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Concrete Cleaning

worker cleaning the sidewalk with pressurized water. maintenance or cleaning concept. top view

Proper maintenance is essential to keep the concrete building looking its best and serving its utmost purpose. Pressure Washing of STL offers professional pressure and power washing services for your office and home concrete and makes your entire house look sparkling, beautiful, and flawless. Our technicians serve both commercial and residential customers in St Louis, MO, and the surrounding area. Concrete surfaces, whether they are buildings, driveways, walkways, or parking lots, our exceptional concrete cleaning service can instantly make your concrete structure look perfect and free from debris, mold, and dust accumulation. As a professional concrete cleaning company, we are committed to providing top quality cleaning service to commercial and residential clients. In the end, the impression we create is last longing and worth the benefit. You can contact us for a smooth concrete cleaning service for your home’s exterior for a healthier environment.


Improves Health

If you live with families, neighbors, and little kids, then a concrete cleaning service is essential for your home. Concrete and patios can harbor mold, germs, decayed material on their surface. All these are allergen and can cause your loved ones to suffer from allergy symptoms. A professional concrete cleaning company has to wash away this harmful substance and transform the concrete surface into a beautifully cleaned one. A clean concrete makes the home healthier, and you’ll be amazed at what a proper concrete cleaning can do to your home. Generally, it can help improve the health of your family.



Cleaning your concrete regularly will make it last longer. The concrete finish usually gets damaged easily if there are accumulated mold, algae, stains, oil, and tire marks. A regular concrete cleaning is a preventive approach to keep your concrete looking fresh and shining all year round, yet it will efficiently serve its original purpose.


Saves You Money

Algae, dust over time can erode your concrete and pavement hence interrupt the integrity of your concrete. When you maintain and clean your concrete regularly, it prevents cracks and can save you thousands of dollars. On the other hand, when you compare DIY concrete washing with a washing handled by a professional, you will notice that you can save more time and money. DIY concrete cleaning requires that the homeowner purchase the required washing materials and equipment. Meanwhile, a professional will have all the material and state-of-the-art equipment needed and won’t charge per equipment but for service rendered. And a better result comes when a professional handle your home concrete cleaning.


Prevents Accidents & Injuries

The home and office are meant to be a safe zone, free from common injuries and domestic accidents. One of the ways to avoid this is to remove things that will cause people to fall, especially during or after a rainfall. When you conduct a thorough concrete cleaning, it can eliminate obstacles and substances that can cause trips and falls and also prevent them in the long run. It’s highly recommended that the cleaning be conducted during rain and humid weather.

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