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Pressure Washing

side of a garage being pressure washed

Pressure Washing of STL is a premier company developed a few years ago on the premise of treating our client's properties like ours. We offer comprehensive pressure washing services for both residential and commercial clients. We strive to gain clients' trust in St Louis by doing excellent, on-time, and long-lasting pressure washing at an affordable rate. Our technicians are fully trained to handle cutting edge technology and techniques to deliver complete service to ensure customer satisfaction is prioritized. Based on the frequent training we provide; our technicians can safely remove debris and dirt that causes your home or business not to look its best. With the right tools and materials, we believe that every dirt and stain is removable. Therefore, we are experts at identifying what works properly to remove stains from any surface and impact your property's visual appeal.


Improves Curb Appeal

Dust and mildew can make the prospective buyer see and feel that your home is a deserted area. To get your home looking beautiful and attractive for sale, pressure washing can be an excellent investment. Pressure washing is simply a restorative process, it appears your home will get a make-over at a reasonable rate. Pressure washing is the best way to get rid of mold and make the home fresh anew.


Protects Your Health

The popular saying that health is wealth is very much relevant, and every household should live by it. Dust and dirt may not only affect the appearance of your home but your health and that of the family. All the dirt, dust, and stains accumulated in the exterior part of your home are hazardous. Hiring a professional pressure washing company annually or twice a year can help you keep pets and people in your home safe and free from sickness. All the dirt, dust, and stain are washed away from your environment by carrying out pressure washing. Protect your health by hiring the service of a pressure washing expert to wash off accumulated dust and dirt from your environment.


Prevents Damages

Excessive dust and moisture can cause severe damage and stain to the surfaces of your home exterior. For instance, if you allow dirt to sit on a surface area for a long time, be ready for future damage. That's a possible result for belonging or item that's not be washed or taken care of properly as expected for a long time. Too much sun can cause discoloration and wear off. When you pressure wash, the chance for property damage is short-lived, and it has few instances of problematic mildew or mold growth. This will make you take more pride in the ownership of your property.


Saves a lot of Time

Pressure washing can save you a lot of time compared to another method of a standard cleaningUtilizing an experienced pressure washing contractor means you don't need to stress yourself about strenuous activities like climbing the ladder, mixing cleaning materials, etc. A professional can complete the task in a few minutes, and it may take a lot of hours for one who has zero knowledge of pressure washing to achieve anything quickly.

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